why would they lie?

Let’s start with saying that If you are not asleep then you’d know it’s more than a “stupid flat earther ignoring globers science” So why would the elites (yes the devil worshiping world leaders playing us like a game) lie ? Why would they have you believe you’re on a spinning round planet and not a flat , none moving planet in a dome? Well if you isolate people into the idea they are on a blue marble that is in the middle of the universe that’s really insignificant , that there is thousands and billions of other worlds and possibly other civilisations then that makes most people think that we are insignificant and that we did actually come about as some sort of accident , now when people believe that their minds are much more malleable into being given the idea that their is no God and that there is no creator. Because of that it also gives the controllers in fertile soil to build other deceptions on, It’s about total control, mental, physical and spiritual. This isn’t some little conspiracy. It’s the biggest deception that there is and exposes every other deception, this being told and believed and exposed would bring down the power of the elites and in all of its education, science, the economy, television, museums, universities and so on. We all contribute to the lie without even knowing and the answer for why they lie in a short is the elites want power. God is being hidden and you are having your minds taken away from the truth 🖤

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