Moon Landing HOAX

Why fake the moon landing?

I’ve always been curious about the fake moon landing, I definitely don’t believe it was real but could anyone give me insite into why they faked it? What did they gain from it?

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  • It gives people something to believe in mostly. It makes people believe in the heliocentric model and that mankind has some sort of destiny to colonize space and fly rockets to other worlds. They pulled it off by using sex magic.

    It helps to understand a bit about duality. Light and dark. Male and female. Good and bad. Etc. The sun is considered the male aspect, the moon the female. The sun rules over the day and the moon over the night. They named the mission Apollo for a reason, Apollo is the god of the sun. So the rocket is a symbol of the penis and by landing on the moon you are witnessing a sex act between male and female gods. The astronauts climbing out of the lander and walking on the surface are like sperm fertilizing an egg. This is the embryo which the new man will be born from, the star child.

    The star child is like a Jesus Christ figure who will save mankind and deliver us to the new earth which are these other earth like planets that we are destined to colonize by building these based on the moon. It’s representing the next level in human evolution.

    This is why nobody ever wants to point out that the Apollo missions were faked because essentially you deny mankind’s destiny to colonize the stars and deny the Jesus Christ figure that will be born from the fertilized egg of the moon. They are all buying in to this one world religion

  • Money money mooooney.

    There is a really good 30 minute episode called History 101, Season 1 on Netflix called “The Space Race” (episode 2)…. You should watch it but go in with the mindset “this is all fake for military budget money” – it’ll make more sense.

    But basically back in the 50s during the Cold War there was a major space race between the US and Russia. Russia launched a satellite and the United States freaked out that they were going to drop bombs from the sky. Then Russia sent a person into space.. more freaking out from the US. So the entire NASA program was started during the Cold War.

    – So why fake a moon landing? – To one up Russia.
    – How would that help the population? – Inspiration of space, Hope that something else is beyond our world, Fear that the planet could be destroyed at any moment.
    – Why continue? – Well they can’t exactly admit they’ve lied about space exploration for 70+ years. PLUS NASA has a $25 BILLION budget a year. They’ve spent Trillions of dollars since the 1950s with public support year after year.
    – Why would countries “play along”? – Money and all of the above. The countries that have space programs are the richest countries in the world and not all of them go to actual space (a lot of them only go to low Earth orbit and the other countries don’t matter in this scenario).

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