Where are the people from the Columbia space shuttle disaster?

There’s ample evidence that the people from the Challenger are all alive and well, aren’t assuming a disguise, and most aren’t even changing their names, and the ones who changed their names are pretending to be their own twin sibling because they only changed their first name. Someone said something both brilliant and asinine. This person said to me that they refuse to believe that they all survived the Challenger explosion until I prove that the people from the Columbia are all alive and well, too. So, I got busy running their names through a search engine on the assumption that they didn’t change their names, either, but I had no luck. The closest I could find was a “bit ahem shoot” video ending in g6g0MztaCdYZ … which was sort of a stretch. The person in question would have to changed her name and gotten extensive plastic surgery. The only thing I could think of is that the Columbia crashed into the ocean, and the crew members were apparently all still alive until impact. Maybe the people on the Columbia were all sacrificed to distract the public from the fact that the people from the Challenger were all still walking around as if nothing happened. Though that’s doubtful, since the MO seems to be just having people continue living and not even try to hide it, like this one article I read where the 9/11 terrorists were also all still alive and well and still using their same names (no, I didn’t save it and I can’t find it, but I did read something like that once). Anyway, does anyone have any info?

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