when people ask for “proof of flat earth” they are disingenuous, don’t really care for an answer and have a personal bias.

go and use an uncensored search browser or take one step outside and respond to what your senses tell you.

do you feel motion? no
can you see curvature? no
have you ever seen bendy water? no
do the stars change? no
does the sun look 93,000,000 miles away? no

if you truly were interested in the truth you would go out and test it for yourself like every flat earther did. i was trying to prove the globe and i realised i couldn’t without appealing to authorities and trusting images.

even if you are genuinely curious, you coming to a place like this sub and asking for proofs just shows how indoctrinated you are that you have to be spoon fed all information and can’t think critically for yourself.

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