What was the biggest evidence that turned you away from globe earth?

Not about how Nasa uses fake cgi photos of the Earth, Sun, planets, etc. But something directly about the earth being a flat plane. ​ I myself am unsure of the shape of the earth, I wanted to know what turned you guys away from a heliocentric earth.

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  • Nothing about it makes sense to me. I’m interested in knowing the truth, too. I would believe we are in a simulation before the globe Earth theory. The idea we came from an explosion of nothingness. Where is the nothingness and where did that come from….

  • my first time hearing of flat earth, mark sargents flat earth clues came up on my autoplay in 2017. it was the episode about Antarctica and flight plans that did it for me initially.

  • When I opened myself up to the idea, I was in a place where some of the proofs were undeniably true. when I actually researched the topic I found an overwhelming number of more proofs and evidence that proved we at least weren’t moving or orbiting anything. The ones I can remember stuck out a lot at first were- the fact that water remains level, nothing orbits anything else in nature based on the objects mass, and the night sky- if we were orbiting something and spinning on our axis we wouldn’t be able to recognize familiar constellations or use the stars for navigation- bc the night sky would be different every night. These scientific “theories” are they are using are mutually exclusive. Not observed any where (else) in nature! On top of the explanation of how things (seasons, tide, no need for gravity) could be explained if we did live on a plane, instead of a rotating ball; combined with facts proving only lack of curvature and all of the ridiculous NASA fake videos and mistakes, in addition to my
    Own gut feelings from childhood
    (More specifically- being an honor student who
    struggled with astronomy bc well it makes no sense. Now I know why. ) led me to my beliefs now. Also it’s crazy how EVERYTHING ( movies, radio, tv, decor, toys, magazines, books and advertisements) is flooded with space, pictures of CGI earth 🌏. If we lived on this 🌏 they wouldn’t have to push it so hard.

  • Water and how it behaves.

    Although it is something we experience frequently, I never had a reason to analyze the details of water behavior, it was taken for granted. FE gave me a reason and I found that truth is in the water.

    One of the ways it proves:

    Imagine how immensely heavy the ocean is at 7 miles in depth. There is nothing maintaining that height and pressure on the globe, because all the lands are actually islands. The one thing that gives water the ability to maintain height is a sufficiently robust, watertight enclosure to prevent escape from downward pressure. FE Antarctica was/is the enclosure.

  • The sun rising in the morning at the beach. I was at the pier when the sun was coming up smoking a joint with my friends. The sun seemed as if it was right above the ocean not 93 million miles away casting light. Then the way the light projects onto the land …. It was so blatant on how local the sun was.

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