What is the accepted sun-earth distance on different flat earth models? (Links to videos if possible)

I have done a bit of trigonometry lately and realized that if earth is a disc with 40 000km of circumference at equator, the sun should normally be 1947 km away from earth. In fact, this value should also be quite accurate for the globe model if the proponents of the model at least tried to use real science in their work of deception. The 150 million km value for earth-sun distance was derived from calculations involving an unproven and untestable value for mass of earth alongside the universal gravitational constant which is also pseudoscience. The problem now is that the currently accepted circumference of earth at the equator is still to be confirmed, so I don’t think it can be a reliable value for various flat Earth models I have heard about. I believe it is possible to use trigonometry to have an approximation of earth-sun distance even without knowing Earth’s circumference, but I have never seen a video showing people doing such experiments. In fact, I remember that I once read someone saying sun was 3000 miles away, then in another video someone claimed 32 miles away. So, if anyone has a link to a video about practical experiments that have been done by flat earthers to have an estimate of earth-sun distance and the results they yielded, it would be appreciated. I am also working on a possible experiment, but I need to know what others have already achieved so far to have a foundation for comparison of results.

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