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What if… (A poem)

What if the stillness is real, And reality is what we feel? What if we don’t need a pill, To acknowledge a higher will? What if the waters are flat, And everyone can well see that? What if sunlight does not refract And seeing too far is a fact? What if they lie about space And their pictures of earth are fake? What if the globe was a debate, And people can see their mistakes? What if the sun and moon rotate, To help us keep track of the date? What if water cannot be curved And what they teach us is a curse? What if the money in their purse, Cannot explain the tilt of earth? What if Astronauts do not float, And we can sometimes see the ropes? What if the lenses are at fault, And high above there is a vault? Would it not mean that we’ve been fooled? And happiness is not in school? Would it not mean that we are slaves? And few dictate how all behave? Would it not mean that love is real, And that we can really be healed? Would it not help us all kill deceit? And build a world where all are free?

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