What do you guys think meteorites are and where do you think they come from?

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  • I think that they are pieces of the firmament breaking off and that’s why the sea levels are rising of late. The waters above are seeping to our level and that’s what will bring the end of the world to us. Evidently, that’s what “rapture” (super close to “rupture”) refers to, and would explain the heaven trumpet videos that people have posted lately

  • Meteorites are formed underground. Nobody has ever seen a meteor in the sky and then went out and found the rock in the ground from it. Meteorites and meteors are two separate phenomena not related in any way

  • There’s no proof meteors are even from the firmament, let alone fake space. They are likely just pieces of earthly volcanoes that get blasted around occasionally and bounce back down. How would these rocks survive in the alleged vacuum of “space” anyway? No globbie has ever answered that. At -17 Torr (an incredibly powerful vacuum force level) all of the space rock’s atoms would be sucked away very quickly into the nothingness of the “universe” if they were in that environment.

  • I have benched my queries about this, because whilst I am a flat earther, I have seen shooting stars, of different sizes & even a big green one. I’ve also seen ufos. One of them looked like it disappeared from right to left, as if going through or behind an invisible barrier. Could that have been the firmament? Or interdimensional travel? I just don’t know. I have decided the world is too strange & I am too uninformed to make any reliable guesses. I’ll just wait & see what knowledge is revealed to me when I die 🙂

  • Easy, they are alien hyperdrive sensitive programmable quantum technology drives. This is from the ships when they jump they have to “leave” something behind. Their engines need to “push” something so they have to have pieces that are designed to break off. This is why you should never touch or be near them when they land. They are highly radioactive with mesons and can affect your sperm count or egg development. You hear stories about monsters, this is because animals were pregnant and interacted with the bits and corrupted them horribly. Cryptozoology should be more interested in this but they are all foolish and ignorant of science.

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