Week *Insert Number Bigger than Infinity* Of the plane to planet/ground to globe challenge

It’s amazing that no video exists that shows from ground to 🌎. Many years of space exploration why don’t all launches show this? We can take deep pictures millions of light years away but a Lunar base is far too complicated. We can analyze soil samples on Mars but Globe “Photographers” have to stitch images together. Why can’t a space agency live stream earth Rotating by sending a camera beyond geosynchronous orbit? Why haven’t we been back to the moon? Where’s the telemetry data? This information would have been so vital to health studies and also impossible to fake. Why does questioning the shape of the Earth bring hate and ridicule? I don’t hate any globe thinker, but I do question their ability to think critically. Hollymoon landings to the International Play Station, frauds have been perpetuated since the first man who tamed and controlled fire claimed to be the chosen illuminated priest. Plato’s puppet show continues as well as my challenge. -🫡❤️🕊️✝️

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  • Soooo Nixon can MAKE A PHONE CALL TO THE MOON in the 1960s,

    But a live video of earth turning into a globe from ground to space is too hard?

    We can have live transmission from a DIRT COLLECTOR ON MARS,

    But a satellite that can gain full view of the globe is too hard?

    Critical thinking? More like hypocritical thinking. These globies smoking some of that good-good

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