VoC Documentary – Episode 1 – Moon the Map

VoC Documentary – Episode 1 – Moon the Map

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  • I mean, I’m pretty much open minded about these theories and all but, whenever the moon-is-plasma theory is brought up I always wonder how I’m able see all the craters and their shadows with my telescope as if they’re actual physical objects.

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  • I think it’s a really cool concept, but I’m sorry I can’t get past the fact that there SO MANY expensive color prints made, and every DESERT is spelled DESSERT. . . .I’m open minded and actually think it’s a beautiful idea, and love the research gone into it. But c’mon. . . .Some might say “who cares it’s just a typo?” But it’s not, it’s SEVERAL typos made, and if you’re trying to get people to take you seriously, there may be some who are in the fence and when they see that topple over to the other side.

    Anyway, time for ice cream.

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