Vacuum of Space

When a high pressure system comes into contact with a low pressure system (vacuum), the system achieves equilibrium unless separated by a barrier as demonstrated [here](https://odysee.com/@Arcane-Visions:d/Vacuum—Gas-Experiment:8?r=B7RnDDHJe3C9vjoZ6725oyAS1HxFtiQb). A vacuum chamber can be created on earth by sucking the air out of the chamber, creating a low pressure system. A perfect vacuum cannot be achieved as the chamber will implode as demonstrated by this [railroad tank car imploding](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz95_VvTxZM). When I take a straw and suck air through it, I am overcoming the force of gravity when I suck air molecules through the straw. So gravity is weaker than me sucking air through a straw and a vacuum is powerful enough to cause a train car to implode, yet the near perfect vacuum of space doesn’t suck the atmosphere away? How can this be?

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