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The rotating ball Earth is a fairy tale

Countless of ignorant globe-believers engage in ridicule and mockery of people who adhere to the ancient cosmological worldview of a flat, non-rotating Earth. Not knowing that flat-earthers are empiricists and skeptics who comprehend natural law and are able to identify faulty reasoning. As a man with hunger for knowledge, I pity the NASA fanboys. **Because there is zero real life evidence for a ball Earth.** Below are some facts which totally contradicts the heliocentric ball Earth belief: * Non flowing water has a horizontal FLAT surface, this is known as WATER LEVEL * Bodies of water do not bend and conform around the exterior of objects in real life. * Water must be contained, a sphere is not a container. * If you pour water unto a spherical shaped object, the water will flow off and form a LEVEL puddle. * Math equations and computer generated images does not qualify as empirical evidence.

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