The moon is an exact reflection of earth.

The moon is an exact reflection of earth.

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  • The moon is an exact reflection of how earth looked a few decades or maybe centuries ago.

    If you look at pictures of the moon, once you finish with post processing it becomes clearer and clearer. I believe we had advance civilizations that knew how to harness different technologies, and they made the moon a sort of map.

  • The moon is a reflection of the whole world. We live in a crater named sulpicious galus m alias sirius.
    stars are just projections of all craters on the world.

  • And that is also the reason that the Antarctic treaty is signed in more than 50 countries around the world. If in Europe, planes will not be allowed to cross the Atlantic. Because if you go that way, the hidden continents will be revealed.
    P.S: There are different geologic forces, and It is possible that the Tartars of the mainland are hidden beyond the reflection map of the moon, or simply right above the reflection map of the moon. Refer here: []( – The Most Logical Relationship Between The Testatika Generator, The Tartarian Empire and Nikola Tesla

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