The Globe is a Fairy Tale

The Globe is a Fairy Tale

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  • But he absolutely realizes it. He is not like the rest of “astronomers”, people who prefer to play along, to continue with their lives without asking those questions, so they can continue receiving a salary, “being astronomers”, having a “material future”.

    This kind of people makes whatever it takes for money or respect, even if they didn’t earn any of it. There is an organized lying mafia behind it, coordinating his lies and deciding everything about that character.

    He appeared in movies (“NOVA”, “Startalk”, “The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time”) and [series]( and almost always [dresses as a showman or clown](, everything of that to send a message for those who can understand: *he is not telling you anything serious, he is not a serious source*. This way, technically *”he is not lying to you”*. They are masters on that “art” of trickery and double words.

    The extremely curious thing is: that 98% of people who don’t question anything of this and believe them, blindly. They can even have a high IQ but still be that candid, innocent and naive not to notice all of it. Like there is something “more”, besides and beyond IQ, that is missing inside that majority.

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