The Fake Place Called Space | FED

The Fake Place Called Space | FED

The Fake Place Called Space | FED from globeskepticism

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  • Yes. Add to this “*the rotation of the Earth*”. Then add “*the super-fast translation around the Sun*” (30 kilometers **per second**), all of this with a static atmosphere standing still, stuck static with the solid surface, to give us days with winds as slow as 0 mi/h. Finally, the physical impossibility of the “orbits” we see above. **They intentionally submerged humanity in a dark age.** The ridiculous, physically impossible globe earth belief imposed as “official fact” is the biggest symptom of that.

    Their ultimate and major goal was to remove the purpose from the human’s existence, and they did it. Then the humans automatically and instinctively replace their missing original purpose (e*volve, connect* ***directly*** *with the source ,divinize yourself and reach the center of the plane and pass through*) with material, void purposes, to inhabit stuck in the material realm as eternal slaves, life after life, forever.

    Besides of this fake science, they also installed dead-end religions, with messiahs who will “*do all that work for you*”, and sacred books with more lies and garbage that “*keeps you free from the internal need to directly connect with the Source to get information*” so you can forget about it and dedicate your days, your will and life force to the material world. And voila, it worked like a charm.

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