The edge of the flat earth

If the earth is a flat plane there has to be an end/edge somewhere (or is it infinite?). What to you think is behind the edge and how big do you think the plane is?

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  • Why couldn’t it be “endless”, just like our universe supposedly is in our currently taught model.

    If the present heliocentric model (globe) is correct, as time goes on we will develop technology that will enable us to explore space further and further and we will discover new solar systems, galaxies, etc.

    If the geocentric model (flat) is correct, the same thing will play out – however, instead of discovering new planets, stars, etc, we will discover new lands beyond the antarctic ice wall.

    The flat model has a lot yet to be worked out yet, just as the universe model does….

  • No way of knowing / never supposed to know is a good answer.

    Infinite flat plane with other suns is another theory.

    Infinite flat planes with only 1 sun is another theory.

    Another answer is that when you bypass the edge you start over on the other side, like pac man. This would be a flat rectangle / square map versus a circular dome. It would be more like a computer system model where when you reach pass the edge and nothing exists then you couldn’t be there so you would have to be somewhere, which would be the other side. Now in this model, only the sun (and maybe the moon) would be able to do this.

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