Small question that is stuck in my head as a student.

I’m a student in Astrophysics and a future cosmologist. When will I learn that ALL the things that I currently study are false ? When will I learn that ALL the hours that I passed in learning and studying for my exams were pointless ? When will I learn that ALL the money I spent for these was wasted ? When will I learn that I passed 8 YEARS of my life wasting my time and money ? ​ Same applies for my friends studying astronautics.

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  • When – how about right now 🤔

    100 quotes refuting the religion of Heliocentrism by Scientists, Cosmologists and Astrophysicists

    Stop spending your soul currency on fabrications. Land, bonds, gold/silver or real estate are better investments these days

    Sorry to hear the psychological abuse that you’ve endured thus far… Only you can choose to turn the corner

    Let’s get you on your way then, proper

    Can u prove “gravity” is anything more than electro magnetic field acceleration or density displacement to equilibrium.. no

    Can you pressurize a volume of gas without containment .. no

    Are the production studios you call space agencies faking the globe sphericity with lenses, cgi .. yes

    Faking astronaut weightlessness while on strings, zero g planes, and scuba equipment .. obviously yes

    Here’s some help mate
    People believe this Model is a space station

    People believe this is Earth spinning 1040 MPH

    And this is a real $cientist calling most dumb stoopid for defending a model that is 96% missing

    These words Photo, image, artist illustration, free creative license are all not the word PHOTOGRAPH, and are legalese / jargon used to trick you

    Same thing with the claimed [space station](

    Good luck to you 🤞

  • OP your logic is flawed. You’re essentially saying, because you can go waste several years and several thousands of dollars in tuition, then your education must be legitimate. It’s like saying because a doctor graduated medical school, he isn’t just a pharmaceutical peddler. The end does not justify the means.

  • It sounds like you’re just here to defend and justify your own cognitive dissonance, OP. Like why even waste your energy if you really don’t care to be open minded?

  • Could you or your fellow geniuses care to explain how is it possible for an atmosphere like the one of earth to exist next to a vacuum such as the one from space without any kind of enclosure?

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