Showing “counterfactual” Information .. aka Propaganda

Showing “counterfactual” Information .. aka Propaganda

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    #[Watch this FIRST](
    #Did you see the [Movie LEVEL]( ??

    [NOW Available in Español](

    FE/LE has been a thing since 2015 having it’s [Roots before 1600]( It’s getting “popular” because more people are waking up to this obvious fact.

    #Maybe you missed the more recent “Globe Proof” [EPIC FAILURE](

    ∆°With a 32 Mile Observation showing missing Geometric Horizon formerly known as Earth Curvature.

    Realizations and awakening abound.
    Living on a Cartoon or in a Mathmatic Model not seen in Empirical Reality be Damned.

    #Did you know there are [NO Photographs of Earth]( 📢

    NASA is a Show No different than Star Trek. Space is only in that of the Mind. Ie: Made in a Hollywood Basement

    #[Your Imagination is all that “Space” resides.](

    #Get on the LEVEL
    #[Cult of Scientism](
    The 2 Cosmo-nots an an Astro-not tell you to your face. “We haven’t been to “Space”, “We didn’t go there(The Moon)”, and “The Earth is FLAT”


    #Demonstrable Reality Slides

    [Solar Eclipse Slides

    [ISS Slides](

    [Coriolis (Earth Turn) Slides](

    [Moon Landing Slides](

    [Not ONE Photo of Earth Slides](

    [Small Local Orbital Sun Sets into Vanishing Point of Perspective](

    [Linear Perspective Slides](

    [Satellites are Fake Slides](

    [Relative Density Displacement and Equilibrium is Gravity](

    [AirPLANES Slides](

    [Flights Slides](

    [Underwater Sonar Travels 1000 Miles so is Blue Whale’s Audibility](

    [Railgun’s Hit Targets 100 Miles Away](

    [Noteworthy People Slides](

    [Bedford Level Slides](

    [Cymatics, Sacred Geometry in the Wandering Stars Slides](

    [Aerial view Perspective with a Non Fisheye Lens](

    [Flight Path Slides](

    [Planets – Round is not by Default Spherical Slides](

    [Flat Earth Map Slides](

    [Water is Level Slides

    [Biblical Text Slides](



    Knowing there are NEW/More than Ever people in
    this sub looking for real Questions and Background Knowledge

    See More at r/Globeskepticism and Below

    The Term [Zetetic](
    ∆° Means to Proceed by Inquiry. . as to say CAUTION PROCEEDING YOU ARE LEAVING YOUR GLOBE MIND MATRIX 🚪

    #Start Your Investigation

    #[You Don’t Believe in Any CoNsPirACy Theories???](
    ∆° Credit: Ron Funches – Giggle Fit

    ∆°MUST SEE 🍿😂

    #[Theoretical Science Debunked by Demonstrable Reality](
    ∆°Basic Shillary answered here. You will see these questions regularly. Answered Empirically

    #[Nature’s Flat Earth Schemes](
    ∆° Taboo CoNsPirACy Showing the absurdity that is the Helio Model / Globe Model / Logical Discernment of the concept of .. “Space”

    #[The Horizon is NOT Earth Curve](
    ∆° The Black Swan Debunks the Spherical Geometric Horizon formerly known as Earth Curve

    #[Natural Science Presentation](
    ∆° Keep in mind the Host is presenting academia, professionals and professors and opens each with a channel panel chat from 20-30mins in the beginning of each

    #[Airplanes are “Space Stations” ](
    ∆° Learn how semantics work with your old illusion of “Space”

    #Video Evidence to Reality Observation
    #[Long Range IR Compilation](
    ∆° 10, 50, 100, 500, 700, 1000 Mile Compilation

    #[JT Playlist](
    ∆° Includes 760 mile Observation ([verified here]( | 400 mile aqueduct measurement using a theodolite on level water | 1000 mile aerial observations with high-resolution infrared and many others. Also explains light Refraction with Gravity Effect from a field Natural Scientific Technician, Radar Specialist, Long Range Infrared Camera operator

    #[200 Proofs of a Demonstrably Level Reality](
    ∆° Regardless what Model and Theoretical Physics describe the World Mathmatically.. No Physical expression is found of these Models in Empirical Natural REALITY

    Ie: The ridiculous idea that a shadow cast on Earth during an Eclipse is smaller than the Moon as
    obstruction of light AND IS A CONE 😆. Where in Nature has a shadow been smaller that the object obstructing the light

    [Example 1](

    [Make Believe Moon Umbra](

    [Moon Shadow Path](

    #[Moon Eclipse with Star Visibility](


    #[Exit the Globe Mind MATRIX 🚪](

    #[Scientists Tell you We Live in Geocentric Cosmology](
    ∆° Clip from the film The Principle. Showing telling revelations to our Geocentric Cosmology with Scientific Fact backing it up like the Sloan Digital Sky Survey observing all the Galaxies lined up on shelves to Earth

    #[Gravity is a Mathmatic expression](
    ∆° Not a Physical Force on Coherence of Mass. A Mathmatic description will NEVER be the cause or reason for a Force in Motion, Inertia and Acceleration, Resistance, Capacitance, Permeability or Permittivity.


    #The Sun
    The Sun can vary in size from atmospheric conditions

    [The Sun Slides](

    [Atmospheric Lensing is not Curvature](

    [Sun Blocking](

    [Sun setting on level water with straight reflection line and solar filter](

    [Mountain Sunset 160 miles away](

    [Sun shrinks as it goes further away from the Observer](

    [Chasing the Sun for 8000 kilometers]( over a flat and Stationary Earth

    [Sun changing size and staying above horizon with drone](

    [Perspective Brings Sun above horizon](

    [Sun local light fading out in thick Atmosphere](

    [Zoom makes Sun Not Set](

    #[How Everything Works on Flat Earth](

    #[What is REFRACTION](
    ∆°Micro and Atmospheric Refraction | Understanding Optics and [Perspective Vanishing Point]( ie: Why CaNt We SeE tO ChInA Demonstrations

    #[Mars Lead Lander Engineer Knows Nothing on Lander Mission](
    ∆°Mars Lead Engineer doesn’t have a Scooby-Doo about anything 🤭

    #[Holes in Satellites](
    ∆° Satellites are FAKE

    #[Heliospheric Currents showing 3rd Local Luminary aka “Second Non Apparent Sun”](
    ∆° This Realm has Mystery more than any Model can describe

    #[Airplanes Don’t Fly Upside Down](
    ∆° They Don’t .

    #[Embrace the Sky](
    ∆° Close out to [Hidden Cosmology Documentary](


    #Respect the Mods and others in the Community


    #[Rockets are Airship Firework Show’s](
    ∆° Nothing more. No one is inside and all the Challenger Actornauts [are still with us](

    #[Wernher von Braun](

    States “We have been given the scientific knowledge, the technical ability and the materials to pursue the exploration of the [Universe]( To ignore these great resources would be a corruption of a God given ability.” // [Imagination](


    #[”Why are they Lying” Thread](

    #[Explanation For Hidden Cosmology](

    #[As Above So Below](


    Shills | [EAZY SLEAZY]( | “Earth is FLAT” Dave Grohl and Mick Jagger

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