Science for the gullible.

Science for the gullible.

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  • This is how they deceive the gullible people.

    Beware! is a website designed to debunk the Flat Earth facts. Wikipedia says that .ws is a top level domain for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the “Government of Samoa”. A small island nation from South Pacific sea. But there’s no information on who own this website & who operates it.

    They’ve hired very intelligent people to debunk the Flat Earth observations & reality with some deceptive diagrams, maths & manipulated video proofs.

    For example here in this infographics they have claimed water surface does curve and it’s so insignificant that it cannot be detected by human eyes at small scales. And their water curvature calculations are totally off against their own ball earth curvature calculator. 🤡

    Also notice their jugglery, they’ve shown a container holding water that they’re claiming simulates ocean surface. But if the earth is a sphere, obviously it’s surface can’t be a water container and wouldn’t hold any water at all!!

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