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“Rockets never fire the exact way you want them to fire. They fire little bit much a little bit less…” – Adam Stelzner (NASA mission commander and the leading engineer for NASA’s next mission to Mars)

Here is the full episode in which the statement was made: [\_channel=DiscoveryAustralia]( Go to the part 01:50. To me this was just so weird, because at the beginning of the episode ([here]( he explains how they have this new way to land the rover with what seems like rockets, yet little after he totally admits that rockets never behave the way you want them to. This just seemed like a huge contradiction. Like this Adam Stelzner was so sure rockets don’t work in this build that he abandoned them entirely from the design, yet he wants me to believe that he landed a rover on Mars with what seems like a totally unstable rocket design. What was also interesting was the fact that he couldn’t even make this thing work even with the flywheel he wanted to make it work. It’s just very hard for me to believe that this Mars rover story is true, when their leading engineer admits that rockers are hugely unpredictable and even in the absence of them, can’t even make a simple build go forward. Its like *”Hello. I’m the most brilliant engineer and expert on rockets. I have overseen NASA operations in which rockets were used to land a rover in Mark. By the way, rockets don’t work, and I have no idea how to make them work, so lets not use them. Woops, I still messed everything up. You guys still believe we landed that thing on Mars, right?”* here is the part 2, in which they fail to make it go forward: [\_6vMg&list=RDCMUCsnsCFJMPIJaUSVP\_hLVUCA&index=18&ab\_channel=DiscoveryAustralia](

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