Questions about air pressure

Is the flat earth model that air pressure is the same everywhere inside the dome? Why does air pressure decline the higher you go? Why is air pressure lower on mountaintops? Mount Everest? Why do jetliners prefer to fly at high altitudes?

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  • Pressure doesn’t mean it’s pumped into a container to pressurize it. The weight of molecules themselves provide pressure. More dense materials at the bottom less dense on top. Just like you would expect higher pressure at the bottom of the ocean the same is true of the atmosphere

  • I think it’s an interesting question.

    If I think of a pressurised vehicle for instance, I imagine the pressure would be the same in all parts of the vehicle. Instead, maybe it gets denser and denser the further you get away from the ground… until you can’t get any further…. a barrier so to speak, The dome? The edge of the universe?

    Interesting question.

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