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So i’ve come packed with questions and yes, i know you guys must be tired of this kind of post but there are some of these questions that when i see asked somewhere else, just get some answers that i dont really get. Just wanna say I don’t have any bad intentions an am just really intrigued by this sub. 1. When did the cover up start? I know this is one of the most frequent ones but a lot of astronomers discovered very similar numbers for the diameter of the earth and such, plus the fact that some heliocentrists were being persecuted. 2. Have any of you guys personally seen antarctica? Like sailed in one direction or ever took a flight that would be clearly not optimal in the flat earth model? 3. All these flat earth maps seem to be exactly like the azimutal map of the globe earth which makes me wonder because i dont think the ratios of land to ocean quite fit, although this also happens at the globe earth maps its simply because of the distortion that projecting a sphere’s surface into a 2d plane causes, meanwhile, if you had a plane earth, to project it into a circular map, there would not be a single problem or distortion so is there really all this ocean? 4. Do you believe in satelites or the google earth and google maps? 5. I have seen Eric Dubay saying that density and buoyancy are what causes “gravity” and saying that gravity is selective, giving the helium baloon example. this is easily explained by air pressure and gravity which makes me think that some of you dont really get the globe earth model while most say that they were also globe earthers at some point as well so, i guess the question is do you agree with eric dubay or follow any of these flat earth youtubers and this kind of thing? and have you really really studied the globe model? (i cant say i did study the FE model but i wanna see your thoughts) 6. What makes the Globe Earth fall apart? 7. How did you first get into Flat Earth? 8. Do any of you have any kind of superior education on something physics related? Not trying to discredit you, just curious. 9. Are you religious? And do you think this has changed your view on earths shape? 10. Do you really believe water proves the earth is flat? It is easily explained by gravity and water only appears to “level” on small experiments because of the very slight curvature. 11. It just appears to me that every single time someone tries to disprove the globe model they are already breaking some laws of physics, so if any of you could send an actually good proof the earth is flat i would be interested in reading. 12. The amounts of time i have read in this subreddit that our vision is heavily distorted by atmospheric/heavy gases is monstruous. I just cant understand how these gases could possibly affect light so substantially and how coincidental it is that the amount of gases on each altittude are the exact amount to make us see as far as we would in the globe so is it really just very very coincidental? 13. You cant talk trash about globe earthers for straw man/bad portraying of the FE model and right after just say that your wet baseball proves the earth is flat, it makes absolutely no sense, and every single globe earther that understands the model can easily see why it doesnt prove or disprove anything. 14. Why did people cover up? I know this is another frequent, but i havent seen a reasonable explanation, like, of all information to hide they hide the shape of the earth? for what, to make us look insignificant? we are. and i have seen people say they are not naive to believe hundreds of people cant keep their mouth shut, I think its the exact opposite, for thinking that of thousands or even millions of people no one ever spilled the beans would be really naive. 15. Which country are you from and how old are you (obviously this is optional, but if anyone feels comfortable in saying this it would be interesting to see) I think this is it, and keep in mind i am very curious on the subject and am not trying to seem agressive, but some of these topics frusrrate me a little bit for making absolutely no sense so maybe i am just stupid so if any of you could answer some of these questions I would be very thankful. Best wishes for you all. And if anyone wants to have a normal debate on dms i would also be happy to chat about this.

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