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Hi, I’ve always thought that globe earth was fishy but didn’t know why. Now that I’m starting to learn about other theories from people like Eric Dubay and ODDTV, I’m starting to think more openly. But one thing that I’m not sure about is that a lot of these researchers are giving sorta Christian reasons for their ideas. Not that I’m opposed to that, but I’m not religious. So I’m curious if there are reasons for being skeptical that are separate from religion or if there are people in this community who aren’t Christian? Again, I’m not opposed to Christianity, I just wanna learn about this from a neutral perspective. thanks for all responses.

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  • Large bodies of water at rest [are level]( same when frozen, gas pressurization without containment [not possible](, Earth spinning 1040 mph from space in example looks [like this]( .. [this]( while the ISS model on the live NASA stream looks like [this]( ROFL

    Regardless of spiritual background, more than enough reason for any critical thinker who can overcome their cognitive dissonance to see the whole space industry is nothing more than [production studios](

  • Hi! I am an agnostic globe skeptic. NASA is faking space for the purpose of expanding their empire and making a shitload of money in the meantime. I’ve oft wondered about the flat earth reasoning when it collided with the biblical account ie. firmament etc. But I do believe there is flat earth evidence beyond the religious base. It’s sorta like anything else in life, when you can just feel you’re being played. NASA gives us that pit in our stomach. We can feel something is off. None of the bullshit they profess is based in reality. It’s all conjecture and computer generated imagery.

  • I think a lot of people actually turn spiritual after researching flat earth, not vice versa. The globe model teaches us that we are a tiny insignificant speck in a massive universe. flat earth appears that we are at the center of everything which gives much more meaning to life and makes it seem that there must be a creator that made this place and all of life here.

    And I say spiritual not religious because I think a lot of flat Earthers are against organized religion but do definitely find God. It’s hard to argue against a creator once you’ve looked into flat earth. Especially if you believe in a dome or firmament.

  • Things in the Bible start making more sense, the evil spewed from globe believers becomes more recognizable, the sinful ways of the world become more noticeable.

  • Well the Bible doesn’t prove flat earth but flat earth validates the Bible.
    The most scientific proof is that water is flat when at rest. Globers wil say gravity bends it but can’t provide any real world proof that it does.

    The curious case of water. It fills a container, it doesn’t bend or display shapes on it’s surface. It is part of the natural physics of water and other fluids to always find their level and remain flat. If disturbed in any way, motion ensues until the flat level is resumed. If dammed up then released, the nature of all liquids is to quickly flood outwards taking the easiest course towards finding its new level.
    The upper surface of a fluid at rest is a horizontal plane. Because if a part of the surface were higher than the rest, those parts of the fluid which were under it would exert a greater pressure upon the surrounding parts than they receive from them, so that motion would take place amongst the particles and continue until there were none at a higher level than the rest, that is, until the upper surface of the whole mass of fluid became a horizontal plane.”

    Flat earth frozen lake test.

  • The biggest proof is a container is necessary for gas pressure. If we are contained who put us here. The whole time we’re taught to believe we’re some miracle of science occurring randomly in a vast ever expanding universe but that is completely absurd. It’s more scientifically probable that we were created.

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