Neil Degrasse(hole)-Tyson’s car breaks down outside your house. You allow him to use your phone and as he’s awaiting a towtruck, you have just enough time to shoot down one of his ‘facts’ about space and/or Earth. What have you got in your arsenal that would cause him a crisis?

For me, it’s the oft-trotted-out..

“There are stars soooo far away that their light hasn’t even reached us yet.” Now, don’t get that statement confused with the claim that light from stars takes ‘fucking ages’ to reach us. That, although fantastical nonsense, is actually feasible. The claim, however, that the light from some stars (or anything, really) has not even reached us yet is utter horseshit. We see things because light reflects off surfaces and hits our retinas. How well we see something depends on how much light there is to be bounced off the object, hence why it’s harder to see something in the dark. If light from something doesn’t reach your eyes it cannot be detected. Its very existence is unknowable. Now before the comments I’m expecting about NASA’s equipment being “more powerful than your eyes, dickhead”, bear in mind that all their equipment measures shit using light, so….

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