NASA’s First Administrator – Ties to Film Industry

**Excerpt from** [**NASA Biography**]( T. Keith Glennan, NASA’s first administrator, ” earned a degree in electrical engineering from the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University in 1927. Following graduation, **he became associated with the newly developed sound motion picture industry**, and later became assistant general service superintendent for Electrical Research Products Company, a subsidiary of Western Electric Company. **During his career he was studio manager of Paramount Pictures, Inc., and Samuel Goldwyn Studios**, and was briefly on the staff of Vega Airplane Corporation.” **Relevant** [**Employment History**]( 1935-1939 Operations Manager, **Paramount Pictures, Inc.** 1939-1941 Studio Manager, **Paramount Pictures, Inc.** 1941 Executive, Vega Airplane Corporation 1941-1942 Studio Manager, **Samuel Goldwyn Studios** 1942 Administrator, U. S. Navy Underwater **Sound Laboratory** 1942-1945 Director, U. S. Navy Underwater **Sound Laboratory** 1945-1947 Production Manager, Ansco Division, **General Aniline and Film Corporation** 1950-1952 Commissioner, US Atomic Energy Commission 1958-1961 Administrator, NASA

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