My amateur photos of the lunar eclipse.

My amateur photos of the lunar eclipse.

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  • This was taken with my skywatcher classic 200p 8 inch aperture, 1200mm focal length telescope. The telescope has a dobsonian mount with is a simple up/down and side-side style mount. It is a reflector telescope called a Newtonian reflector which has a parabolic primary mirror at the back of the optical tube, which reflects light into an angled secondary mirror, which then reflects it into the eyepiece which sits in the focuser. The eyepeice I used was a 32mm focal length orion Q70 eyepeice, which yeilds a low magnification and wide field of view in my telescope. Due to the nature of Newtonian reflectors, the images seen through it are upside down. This was taken with my iPhone 8 held up the the camera. The only editing was done in mematic to make them all one image.

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