Miles of Depth – Water Cannot ‘Stand Up’ Independently

Recently there was an explosion at the Hoover Dam. It caught my attention because it reminded me of an analogy that had impact on me. The dam represents “one of truth’s protective layers”. And the water in the reservoir represents the “Truth” trying to push through. What gives water a rested state, a surface height and stability? You may have heard it many times… containment. To be more specific though, encircled/surrounded containment (trapped). A bowl, pool, lake. If the Hoover dam fails, the reservoir becomes a waterfall. [Flat Earth]( is a bowl, a pool, a giant lake. It has stability to maintain rest and sea-level through encircled containment. So what happens if you take FE, flip-twist it into a ball and tie Antarctica into an upside-down manbun? “*Do* as *thou wilt”* You get Balltardia… that encircled containment is gone (stability). What was once ocean surrounded by land, is now land surround by ocean. One ocean. We can name areas of it, but it is all connected as one ocean. “But Lieutenant Dan, you got no legs!” …Water cannot hold itself up. It requires encircled containment to do so. It needs crutches to stand, like Lt. Dan does. The walls act as hydraulic shock absorber enablers, dispersing kinetic energy in the rested waters. Think of the cheapest Wal-Mart lawn pool. When the walls buckle, a mini-tsunami pours out. It falls down and out. Sometimes it splashes upward. This is the other state of water. A wild, uncontained, merciless force of nature. What you are living on is the original world. You see the water as rested, the stability from encircled containment transmits through the whole one-world-ocean. The container is implied. A new frontier it is. Balltardia is brought to you by those who’s motto says “Order through chaos”. The globe’s ocean as I imagine it would be, is thousands of radial wave pools, all competing to fall down and out. The water is wild like an infinity raging river the size of oceans. Tsunami surfing dude, it’s rad. It is a chaotic perpetual-motion machine where life may or may not exist. The land is just an obstacle to go around or over. There is no sea-level here. P.S. The key here is that water is always trying to fall. It can only “fill up” to a depth in miles with rigid walls to support it. The globe is infinite free-range, nothing to stop the kinetic build-up because all the oceans are connected as a loop. Water moves water moves water, forever in a state of unrest.

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