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Hello. I’ve been looking at a standard flat earth map, with the north pole at the center. Can you flat earth folks explain how it is that the width of the United States, which is about 3000 miles (shorter thick pink line) shows up on the map as so much smaller than the width of Australia, which is about 2500 miles (longer thick pink line)? These distances are publicly known by the residents of the U.S. and Australia, so they can’t be fabricated. Also, can you explain why a nonstop flight from Sydney to Johannesburg on Qantas takes 14 hours and 5 minutes, (longer skinny pink line), while a nonstop flight from Paris to Tokyo takes 13 hours and 45 minutes when the distance on this map (shorter skinny pink line) is less than half as long? Surely the airlines are motivated to take the shortest routes. Thanks! ​

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