RedditWhY wOuLD tHey LiE ?

Lies about everything !

One question was asked: Knowing DNA is a 3D (still unknown model) and 6 feet long twisted stuff all dynamically folded into one cell core, is DNA really readable ? The answer was: we still don’t have answer !!!! That’s evidence we can’t read it though. Yet DNA is often used as legal evidence whether to identify a child’s parents or even worse to criminalize someone for murder. The good news is that NASA has not applied its heliocentric model to our DNA. Who knows what we would look like otherwise 🦍!! When we can’t know it would be easier accept our ignorance. Knowledge is a gift from #Allah who knows everything but he gave us, all wisdom, only what’s useful for our life. Allah said earth is flat and immovable then it was much easier to believe it for we’ll never get any proofs. Moreover, all proofs if given, will not convince people in total denial of truth- those who has been dening their god who has created them from nothing just to obey and glorify him.

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