Keeping the fake threat alive and well

Keeping the fake threat alive and well

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  • I’ve been noticing a lot of this being pushed. This feels like clear programming to me and I’m DEFINITELY Not somebody who is loose lipped with throwing that wording out. I feel like during The Chiefs Bucs Super Bowl there was like 3-4 commercials involving asteroids ending the world. Of course the commercials were for cars or some silly thing making a humorous commercial but still. It freaked me a little. Then the movie Greenland came out. And then recently the past few months I swear these sorts of articles I see daily. It’s so odd… I try to come up with an explanation of what the end game could be or just what it means in general. I really don’t know. It definitely boosts my paranoia tho.

  • Well, not to mention the fake threats of over population, global warming (now conviently re-branded as “climate change”), covid, and now the Ukrainian “War” and the apparent resurgence of the “cold war”….

    It’s literally *all* carefully scripted theater to create narratives designed to keep ignorant plebes in a constant state of fear and neediness.

    We need to wake up, speak out, and regain our divine sovereignty – if you look back at written history, literally every civilization has reached this point where the boiling point was breached and the general public came alive and fought back; I mean, for goodness sakes, it was only as recent as 1917 when the russian public rebelled and forcibly took the control from the elites and ousted the last tsar….

    I’m not suggesting we take up arms like that, but we do need to **speak up and spread the truth**.

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