I’ve never seen this before | LEO

I’ve never seen this before | LEO

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  • I don’t know why I’m giving them advice, but Tom Savini once said that the best way to make special effects look good is to mix the fake with the real. That’s why he always had, for example, >!Kevin Bacon’s real face attached to a fake neck for his character’s arrow-through-the-neck death in Friday the 13th!<, rather than having a fake head and a fake neck. It really sells the effect. I’m pretty sure that’s what made Stanley Kubrick’s moon landing footage look so good. Even these days, when they include CGI effects with real people, it tends to look more realistic than if you see a completely CGI image across the whole screen. That’s exactly why this video looks so incredibly fake. They have a CGI moon and a CGI earth and it all looks incredibly dated.

    In addition, the earth doesn’t spin at all. Pretty impressive for something supposedly spinning at *1000 miles an hour.* And I thought the moon always faced the earth. Why is it setting?

    And then people sit around and wonder why anyone might doubt that the earth is spherical.

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