I’ve just realized that even on the globe model, astronauts are NOT supposed to float within the international space station.

The logic behind floating astronauts is that, since their shuttle is in vacuum and free from Earth’s gravity, nothing is pulling them down and thus they should float even within their shuttle. But what does Newton who created gravity told us???? Newton’s theory of gravity says that every single object that has mass is attracting any other object that has mass around it…that is why the sun attracts the earth and earth attracts the moon. In short, what Newton says is that, in absence of an external force, two objects randomly dropped in empty space will attract each other until collision. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well, it simply means that it is impossible for any object in the universe to float and be in static equilibrium while there are objects around it. In absence of earth’s gravity, the object with bigger mass (the shuttle) becomes the bigger body and thus attracts all objects and people within and around it to its walls….also, astronauts themselves would attract all objects weighting less than themselves to them and would thus have all objects within he shuttle rotating around them while the themselves are stuck to the shuttle’s walls… In short, if Newton’s theory was true and the earth was a globe, then there is absolutely NOTHING within a space shuttle free from earths gravity that would freely float, especially astronauts that are heavy and so close to the shuttle and other objects. Therefore, ALL LIVE FEEDS WITH FLOATING ASTRONAUTS ARE FAKE whether the earth is flat or a globe because according to their own science, in order for anything to float, you need an external force because all objects within the universe naturally attract each other.

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