is u/lorenofing mentally unwell or a paid shill?

99% of globers don’t give a shit and i can sort of respect that. they haven’t looked into the flat earth so obviously they won’t care. i was like this, never looked into it so it didn’t matter, just a stupid troll conspiracy. theres no way the earth is flat…. anyways this guy lorenofing posts to r/flatearth every day, along with lots of other brainwashed heliosexuals. my question is why? how can you care so much if you know the earth is a globe and flat earthers are just morons? the fact he has copy and pasted paragraphs shows how globers must be spoon fed everything and are incapable of independent thoughts. i don’t think he’s a shill i just think he got exposed to the flat earth and was too far gone to accept it. so now its taken a heavy toll on his psyche and he feels the need to validate his religion by insulting people he shouldn’t care about and spouting jargon. i genuinely do wish the best for him though, its not easy having your entire beliefs and worldview crushed by simple logic and observations.

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  • This person is definitely a paid shill. These people are working overtime on all social media platforms to keep more people from looking into flat earth. I just posted to r/globeskepticism another posy of his. I’m wondering of this shill ever even sleeps. He shouldn’t care whatsoever about a bunch of “moron flat-earthers” unless he’s shilling and trying to keep the truth from exploding at the fast pace that it is currently. They are scrambling pulling out all their bs stops. Stay strong, we know the truth.

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