Space is Fake

Interview with former NASA employee, admitting the earth is flat. Her other NASA coworkers in the photo design department also stating it’s flat and they can’t go to space. Admitting much of NASA’S funded money goes to black operations, not space exploration.

This was a really interesting interview with a former NASA employee that worked for NASA for 4 years, who admits the earth is flat, and as well as several other NASA employees in the photo design department also claiming that the earth is flat, and they have to fake the photos because we cannot go to space. She also mentions working with an engineer at Lockeed Martin during her time there who also admits the earth as flat. At one point, she brought up Matt Boylan, or Matt Powerland, another former NASA realist painter in there photo design department, who I remember also had spoke out on the earth being flat and that they have to fake space, back when he had his YT channel in 2014. I found his current channel, and though he still has some FE content, it seems like a lot of his old content got scrubbed off YT during the 2017 algorithm apocalypse. It’s interesting that more and more former NASA employees are coming out and whistleblowing and speaking out on FE, this is the 3rd one I’ve across in the last few weeks.

Redditor: No_Perception7527

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