I’m a physics scholar here in good faith. Convince me that the Earth is flat!

(I posted this on the other flat Earth community by mistake so you’ll see this twice in my post history, sorry about that.) As it stands, the consensus in the scientific community is that Earth is a sphere with a slight 27mi bulge at the equator. A lot of people will make fun of flat Earth believers, but the general consensus is shifting more towards education than dismissal or derision (notably, at 1h 8m in the documentary, Behind the Curve where Spiros Michaelakis advocated improving literacy as opposed to marginalization of flat Earth proponents. This is something I heartily agree with; being an asshole to people who ask questions or have theories for the world is asinine.) So! I’m here to be convinced (or to convince you) that the Earth is flat (or round.) Usually, one may not have to show proof for their beliefs and while this is an understandable opinion to hold it does not apply to statements of scientific origin. It’s the responsibility of the people who hold the opinion contrary to the present substantiated theory to prove the theory inadequate. This is how Einstein’s theory of general relativity came about, after all, and theories – functional, working models – are only replaced by better theories with more explanatory power. However, I will be happy to provide proof that the Earth is round regardless! It’s only fair, after all. I’m here not to make fun of you, but to either educate you or have you educate me on Earth’s curvature, or lack thereof. I’m, after all, entering a flat Earth community – a community that disagrees with me, if not shows outright hostility towards my ideas. This is something people only do if they are willing to be convinced, as I am after all not in a safe space. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s also understandable to some degree, since a common response to flat Earth believers is to laugh at them. You are free to do with your time what you will, and if you do not want to respond or I come across as too saucy, that’s totally understandable. Banning me for this, however, only goes to show hypocrisy. I am seeking dissent to strengthen my understanding of the world. Are you? Edit: you guys are open to discussion, haven’t attacked me personally, thank you so much. You’re quite cool. I’ll be back in like an hour since I have to go shopping.

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  • When everyone says we can see too far given current globe numbers, that’s one thing. But when you go out with a zoom lens and find out for yourself that we really can see way too far, that changes the game. I suggest you and everyone else do the same

  • Better yet – convince me the earth is round with evidence that is indisputable.

    Totally in good faith. Please provide 100% rock solid evidence it’s round … or a sphere … or an “oblate spheroid” or pear shaped as it’s supposedly now.

    Share the knowledge because I admit I am ignorant of this evidence if it exists. Thanks!

  • You are defending a theory imposed as official, incontrovertible truth, you are not in position to demand to be convinced. There must not be a single evidence, doubt or logical impossibility about the currently imposed globe model, but there are hundreds. You must provide proof and defend; the imposed globe model proponents cannot “attack” other models, only defend their own. That’s the true scientific attitude. The currently accepted model cannot be there by discarding of other models.

  • It’s very simple.

    Standing bodies of water do not display convexity on the surface and cannot support stress.

    In order for a gas to be at measurable pressure it needs some form of containment. In order for gas to be at pressure at all, especially when coexisting next to a near perfect vacuum, it needs to be contained by some sort of solid barrier.

    Gravity has no mechanism to induce objects into motion or cause acceleration. The current stance within science suggests that large bodies can bend space and time by virtue of their own mass. Space and time are conceptual non tangible privations and cannot be warped or bent. It’s theoretical nonsense designed to support a wider narrative that supposedly only exists outside of Earth’s reference frame.

    We can see way too far for the Earth to be a sphere of 24,000 miles circumference. The way in which the horizon rises to eye level contradicts the geometry of a sphere that should be deviating down and away from you at every point on the surface. At high enough altitude, you should be able to look “down” at the Sun, however no one has ever looked down at the Sun because we don’t live on a sphere.

    There are many more but these are some of the big issues with the heliocentric system. Please don’t start posting equations or theoretical ideologies. If you want to convince me the Earth is a globe then address all of these points with physical demonstration and real science.

  • The only way to convince me is to make the Antarctic journey. The rest ist just Mathematics. You are trying two answer a question by using Math that can by wrong in its foundation.

    Just a few years ago “Science” found out that e=mc² isn’t completely right. It is just another way of manipulating the math to get the outcome “scientists” want.

  • the burden of proof is on those who claim to know what and exactly how large the earth is.

    once you discover a lot of the non CGI footage are wide angle lenses or other deceiving camera angles it begins to tear the house of cards down. we also have went up our own balloon over 30 miles and not a pixel of curvature or motion

  • The GoFast SpaceX rocket was launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada on July 14, 2014, at 7:30 Pacific time. At it’s peak altitude of 117kms, you can see the moon. At 1:22 in the linked video.

    [2014 GoFast](

    Only one problem… [The Moon]( was over New Zealand at that time, and would be impossible to see from the altitude and location of the rocket if the Earth was a ball.

    Among other reasons some have listed, this is the nail in the coffin for the globe imo. I’m curious to see your response as this one doesn’t seem to get brought up much.

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