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Could someone explain the proof for why the earth isn’t a globe? I’m really trying to understand here.

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  • Very simple:

    The formula of curvature that is supposed to predict when and where people and objects would disappear below the horizon due to curvature does not match our reality, we are able to see too far with modern tools, and the only logical conclusion from such observations is that earth is not a globe.

    Also, if earth is spinning, there are only 2 possibilities:

    Either the solid ground earth spins but atmosphere doesn’t, which would create a 1000mph wind constantly blowing around us.

    Or earth spins and atmosphere spins too, which would mean that even though we wouldn’t feel any exceptional wind due to both ground and atmosphere spinning at the same speed, we would be trapped by the momentum of both and therefore moving against earth’s spin would require much more efforts than moving alongside earth’s spin, since it would mean going against the natural energetic flow of our world.

    Since none of those options match reality, we can also conclude that earth is not spinning.

    Conclusion: we live on a flat and stationary earth within a geocentric realm (meaning sun and moon and stars are moving above our world EXACTLY AS WE WITNESS IT WITH OUR TWO EYES)

  • One of the proofs are authentic recordings of the sun “flowing” trough the clouds. Yes, clearly authentic and unedited videos with pretty much new and powerful optics showing local and small sun cutting trough the clouds. Some clouds undoubtfully appearing in front of the sun, while other – undeniebly appearing – behind – the sun. Such videos can be seen even on YouTube by simply searching for them. Here is one of those – .. and there are plenty more. There are much, much more evidences not including the sun in the theory, but before You arm your self in order to proove this or that theory, learn a bit of both cosmologies, both helio/kaballah-centric and the other, geo-centric/static. They differ quite a lot. For instance, not a single geo-centric believes in a nonsense that earth plane is a flying frisby going upwards in some imaginary space-vacuum where all other planets are round, but just earth – flat. Not a single one, I assure You. Don’t bite for that bullshit. I mean, it is kinda overwhelming topic, so don’t expect You will get all the answers in one day and at one or two places. Hint – talk with bald pilots in retirement. They know for sure. Good luck.

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