I saw something interesting in the leaked UN earth map… We may live in an EYE shaped earth as crazy as that may sound

Here’s an image of the leaked UN real earth map: And here’s the Eye I’m talking about: In the map to the left there’s like a side view of earth. It looks exactly like an eye and we’re at a plane on the surface of the eye. At the top of the eye there’s god which is at a protrusion just above the round firmament. Are we living in an eye shaped planet? Is god actually right above us in the skys? I know, none of this makes sense at all. But the visuals are pretty clear. Plus it looks like god emits a ray that goes through the entire planet, aka EYE. What does this mean? This may give light to why the masons are so obsessed with the all-seeing eye. This may also explain why when people take psychedelics and DMT see eyes all over the place. It’s a weird weird reality we’re living on. If only there was a way to prove it… What do you guys think? I’m basing all of this on the leaked UN earth map that, for all we know, could be another fabrication.

Redditor: ofexagency

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  • My take

    Been going through [the graphic]( recently and what Im getting from it is

    Everything is perception, Eye of Providence, imagination, Polaris what have you all leading back to the observer of a field that becomes manifest from the pineal gland to the Luminaries of the Firmament that give light

    In other words, we think and it becomes

    *[Knock on the Sky and Listen to the Sound](*

    Careful what you consume, esp mainstream tv and “news” constantly attempting to keep people in a low vibration, fight or flight state of fear etc

  • Well it would comport at least with what Admiral Byrd said in his interview about there being a continent the size of America beyond the South Pole that was as yet unexplored.

  • This is excellent.. The lense reflecting the firmament, the pupil reflecting the axis mundi (North pole) while the central retinal vein can reflect the branch system of a tree (the tree of life/world tree often described as earths axis mundi)

  • That’s what I’ve heard from another source too. Not the eye shape part but that what we think of as the Earth is really just a small part 1/4 or 1/5 surrounded in ice and outside that, there is a way more advanced civilization. And the Earth is actually much larger. That this is where the flat earth theory comes from – we can’t see the curvature. As the planet is much large then know. We are only on a small portion.

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