How I saved an open minded, very intelligent secondary school student from the globe cult

One day (a few months ago), one of my secondary school physics students that surely had never heard of flat Earth asked me questions about the globe because he felt like some stuffs didn’t make sense. This is approximately the kind of things I told him in private after reminding him of course that at his exam he will have to provide what is expected from him no matter what he believes: You see, we teach that earth is a globe because that’s current scientific consensus, but the truth is that science is constantly evolving and theories are constantly being put in question. Your worries are legitimate, and many have also noted some inconsistencies about this official theory. There are actually many people making research about it, so it isn’t impossible that the physics your generation will teach to your children will be different than what we are teaching now. Anyway, here are some more flaws about the globe model that we are teaching you: You see, if you are on the surface of a ball, you only see a very small portion of the ball, so you might not notice that it is a ball. But as you gain altitude, the more the horizon of a ball look curved and you clearly see that you are on a ball. Now, if you go to a beach, horizon will look flat. No big deal. You go on top of a building, horizon remain perfectly flat. You go on top of a mountain, horizon remains perfectly flat….remember, on a globe Every single change of altitude changes the appearance of the horizon as slightly as it can be. You are on an airplane, horizon remains flat. People have sent balloons dozens of miles above the earth, horizon remains perfectly flat. This behaviour is totally inconsistent with what should be expected from a ball, yet we have to teach you that earth is a ball because of consensus. Then there are many more clues suggesting that science is wrong on this topic: – No one has ever seen people walking upside-down (student laughed) – Water is never wrapped around a ball, water always seek its level to create a flat surface. Of course that we tell you that gravity can explain why the globe has water all around it, but no one has ever been able to replicate that in a lab, so it is still to be proven. – No one has ever circumnavigated earth from North to South and then came back where they started. People like Magellan circumnavigated from East to West and came back to where they started, but onna flat earth where sun and moon rotate above it (created a setting, made a drawing on paper and showed him how sun and moon could rotate above earth) and north pole is Earth’s center, a compass (I drew a compass) will also make you come back where you started if you keep going Eastward or westward. – If earth was spinning, one of these two things would happen: A. Either you would be able to lift your helicopter in the air and simply wait for your destination to come to you (student laughed) B. Science says that the atmosphere around us move alongside the earth, so that when you are in the air you are also rotating with earth even if you are not moving. But if such is the case, flying in the direction of Earth’s spin would be a lot easier than flying against the Earth’s spin. Conclusion: As I have already told you on many other topics, science isn’t some stationary dogmatic religion, people make experiments and constantly challenge established theories. When you are still at school you tell teacher what they want you to tell, but when you reach university you can start your own research and challenge established theories. This is how science works, and this is how all other technology we have today was obtained. Therefore, your questions are legitimate, you might want to research it later. For now, study what you are being taught so that you have good grades. Student was satisfied.

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