Has anyone ever tried this?

I’ve been preparing a document demonstrating the scientific impossibility of earth being spinning without any effect being seen or felt within and around us, but then I thought about he globe part. Yes, the earth is not spinning, this is an undebatable fact. But then came the “is it a globe part”? I know there are many proofs that it isn’t a globe, but so far none of these have left scientists speechless. I was thinking of an undeniable proof tht he earth is not a globe, the kind of proof that would let everyone speechless, and then this came to my mind: On a globe, Earth’s radius at the equator is the widest, then is value decreases both above and below the equator. Therefore, to close this debate for good, globe skeptics simply have to demonstrate that the earth radius gets wider as we get nearer to the south pole instead of shrinking as expected on a globe. I watched a video in the pinned post of this sub were a plane Chase’s the sun none stop from Seoul to Paris and distance is recorded. Has anyone tried to do something similar but below the equator, like you chase the sun none stop from a specific location below the equator (perhaps a town in Australia) until you go back there while the distance covered is recorded?

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