Had an unfortunate run in with the flat earth sub reddit

I’m relatively new to being super active on reddit, at least not since like 10 years ago. And I am totally shocked at how obsessed those people are with us. They literally have the flat earth subreddit just to mock people who are awake?! I feel like I am in a Saturday night live skit.. It’s screaming “I don’t have anything worth while to do today!” Anyways just sending love and light all around our flat plane, wishing you all a wonderful day <3

Redditor: SugarZade19

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  • They are paid trolls, probably get a stipend for every silly refutation they come up with. Refracshun! Grabbity!

    The Christian is not to compromise so as to obscure the distinction between good and evil, and is to avoid the errors of] those dreamers who have a spirit of bitterness and contradiction, who reprove everything and prevent the order of nature. We will see some who are so deranged, not only in religion but who in all things reveal their monstrous nature, that they will say that the sun does not move, and that it is the earth which shifts and turns. When we see such minds we must indeed confess that the devil posses them, and that God sets them before us as mirrors, in order to keep us in his fear. So it is with all who argue out of pure malice, and who happily make a show of their imprudence. When they are told: “That is hot,” they will reply: “No, it is plainly cold.” When they are shown an object that is black, they will say that it is white, or vice versa. Just like the man who said that snow is black; for although it is perceived and known by all to be white, yet he clearly wished to contradict the fact. And so it is that they are madmen who would try to change the natural order, and even to dazzle eyes and benumb their senses.

    —John Calvin, “Sermon on 1 Corinthians 10:19-24”, Calvini Opera Selecta, Corpus Refomatorum,Vol 49, 677, trans. by Robert White in “Calvin and Copernicus: the Problem Reconsidered”, Calvin Theological Journal 15 (1980), p233-243, at 236-237

    It goes all the way back to the reformation.

  • Reddit is completely controlled. Whenever a sub dangerous to the establishment goes big they pay/replace the mods and turn it into a shitshow.

  • when people are offended to that extent it’s because deep down they know it’s true. those bots are at war with themselves more than with anything. i saw someone blaming their low body weight on a heart attack they had. i went and scrolled on their posts and low and behold they got the jab. they will never admit to themselves they took an experimental jab that gave them a heart attack. they will say it’s because they’re bmi 17. which is bullshit because ive been bmi 15 and took speed for years and never had a heart attack. but these people wont admit the truth especially when they invested in heckling the other side for so long. they’re too deeply invested to turn back now. this person had multiple posts heckling anti vaxers. ego is a hell of a drug. people will say there is no god. does that make it true? god forbid. they’re fools and the truth is not within a lot of people. fools are the loudest and there are so god damn many of them.

  • It’s an intentional attack by the puppets on top. See it how it is. An attempt to discredit flat earthers and make them look stupid so less people are awake

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