Globe Dimensions FAIL Spherical Geometry Testing

#[Globe Math Drop Chart]( [What is the Black Swan ? #1 Globe Killer]( [10, 50, 100, 300, 500, 700, 1000+ Mile Infrared Scope Observations]( [Measuring Curvature is accurate up to 500-1000 Miles]( [Engineer verifies Geometry]( [8 Inches per Miles Squared Accuracy]( #No Proofs [None]( #Laser Proofs [22 Miles]( .. Level [19 Miles]( .. Level [11.5 Miles]( .. Level [21 Miles]( .. Level [25 Miles]( .. Level #Sunset Experiment only possible two days a year [160 Miles to Canigou Peak]( .. Level Frozen Lake Testing [16.69 Miles]( .. Level #Infrared IR Long Range LR [66 Miles to Isle of Man IR .. Level]( #Visible Light Observations [1,000 Kilometers to Everest]( .. Level [160 Miles to Canigou Peak]( .. Level [62 Miles to Great Orme]( .. Level [436 Kilometers to the Alps]( .. Level #If the Earth is a Sphere, with a radius 3,959 Miles.ย  The Sphere must show spherical Geometry.ย  Including a Geometric Horizon formerly known as Earth Curvature.ย  This unicorn is never found. [Engineer verifies the Purported Math of the Sphere]( 8in per mile Squared [ItS a ParAbOla]( #Flights [16 Emergency Landings Prove Flat Earth]( #Moon Landings were most assuredly a tv performance only. [Fake Moon Rocks given to Dutch Museum by Neil Armstrong]( [Inverse Square Law]( [Point Source Nonsense Debunk]( [Moon Landing Hoax Slides]( [Royal Observatory Record of Stars observed through Moon ]( #Sun Rises and Sunsets Prove Flat Earth The Sun can vary in size from atmospheric conditions [The Sun Slides]( [Atmospheric Lensing is not Curvature]( [Sun Blocking]( [Sun setting on level water with straight reflection line and solar filter]( [Sun shrinks as it goes further away from the Observer]( [Chasing the Sun for 8000 kilometers]( over a flat and Stationary Earth [Sun changing size and staying above horizon with drone]( [Perspective Brings Sun above horizon]( [Sun local light fading out in thick Atmosphere]( [Zoom makes Sun Not Set]( #Lack of Earth Spin [Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Flight Proves Earth isn’t Spinning]( [Astrophysicist says the heliocentric model doesn’t make any damn sense]( #[Gravity from a Globie](

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