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Globe Dimensions FAIL Spherical Testing

What are Globe Earth Dimensions

If the Earth is a sphere, with a radius 3,959 miles the sphere must show spherical Geometry.  This Geometric horizon, the Unicorn formerly known as Earth Curvature; has NEVER been found or observed in Nature.

Some say there is NO Proof . . .

Laser Experiments that Prove Flat Earth

Sunset experiment only possible Two days a year

Bodies of Water at Rest are LEVEL

Frozen Lakes are LEVEL

The natural physics of large standing bodies of water at rest are to find and maintain level.  Never showing convexity on it’s surface.

Infrared Long Range Observation IR-LR

Visible Light Long Range LR

The Horizon is Optical NOT Physical

The Sonar Proof of the Flat Earth

High Altitude Balloon Footage of the Flat Earth

70,000 Feet U2 Spy Plane

Gas pressure without Containment is NOT Possible

Space Agency Proof of the Flat Earth

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