Fantastic article that very coherently details how the whole concept and “science” of Cosmology is essentially a self supporting narrative construct, sustained and proven only by dogmatic belief ..

Title of article: “Cosmology Has Some Big Problems”/Publication: Scientific American (April 2019) Link: It’s a very interesting read, and includes the input from some eminent cosmologists/astro-physicists. Here’s just one little gem of a quote from the article: “**…most observations of the universe occur experimentally and indirectly. Today’s space telescopes provide no direct view of anything—they produce measurements through an interplay of theoretical predictions and pliable parameters, in which the model is involved every step of the way. The framework literally frames the problem; it determines where and how to observe. And so, despite the advanced technologies and methods involved, the profound limitations to the endeavor also increase the risk of being led astray by the kind of assumptions that cannot be calculated.**” There are many other great points, and if you haven’t read the article yet, I would encourage you to do so

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