Every globe believer that comes here for debate needs to read this first

WHY THE GLOBE HAS TO BE DOUBTED. The first thing is that the globe is a mathematical model built after scientists thousands of years earlier could understand reality in other ways and predict astronomical phenomenon with absolute accuracy while assuming a non-spherical and unmoving earth. All the data you have about the sun, moon, stars, etc were designed under the assumption of a globe to justify it and not the opposite. For instance, scientists had to assume that the sun and Moon’s shapes, sizes, motions and distances from the earth are perfectly matching to create what they believe is happening during eclipses. But as you see, the calculations were designed to fit the reality which definitely didn’t show the moon clouding the sun….they created a possible explanation, then adjusted the values so that the explanation makes sense and then taught it to school as valid. It is very important to realize that the globe is first and foremost a mathematical model, and therefore other models could also exist and make sense if all calculations are also adjusted…for instance, all calculations assuming a non-spherical and unmoving earth are still valid and working today. Once you acknowledge that he globe is just a mathematical model, you can now start questioning it’s validity 1: the globe model says that the Earth’s rotates while revolving around the sun that is also travelling through space at extremely high speeds. But also, the Earth’s crust shakes and the Earth’s axis of rotation changes from time to time due to wobbling. With all these extremely fast and huge motions, how come we don’t even feel a thing and there is no effect on the ocean? Can an object moving at such a high speed wobble and switch axis without devastating consequences? Globe earthers assimilate the earth to be a closed system with it’s atmosphere being a part of the earth and space being vacuum. Therefore, it is like a sphere filled with water where the sphere is earth + atmosphere and water is all that is inside it, right? Ok, so try to put water in a bottle, put an object in it so that it is a closed system like the globe is supposed to be, and shake it fast. Just by doing this, you will realize the improbability of the globe being anything else than pure mathematics. 2. Engineers do not take into account the curvature of the earth when making calculations…in one video, NASA itself admitted using the geocentric model when calculating the trajectory of there space shuttles….which makes you wonder what on Earth the globe is useful for. 3. People can see beyond supposed curvature. I watched the scientific explanation of the phenomenon (light refraction), but it makes no sense light refraction as I was thought in school bends light downwards, not upwards. Also, the system adapted itself to make up for anomaly in their model with unprovable explanations as it has been doing since its creation. I myself sees too far (I live near a river) on a regular basis, and honestly I the explanation scientists provides no better han what they did for all the rest (you point out an anomaly you observed and the make the system evolve with unprovable assumptions you must believe). 4. Sun’s light is hot, moon light is cold, which suggests they are separate sources of light. I have never seen an object “reflecting light” being “transparent” when both it and it’s source are nearby in the sky (some evenings the moon is in the sky while the sun is still setting), but then suddenly turn yellow once it source of light disappears….it just makes no sense, and the explanation the globe scientists provide is unprovable. 5. Scientists claim that if you shoot a bullet over long distances you must take into account not only the curvature of the earth, but also it’s rotation….yet airplanes don’t do such a thing. Also, in physics classes we did calculation of bullets trajectory and it has never involved taking such things into account….you might say “it’s high school physics”, but then I watched MYTH BUSTER on discovery channel make calculations for such an experiment and they used the EXACT SAME principle weused in school (assuming the earth is flat and static) and their result was accurate. 6. Why is Earth’s atmosphere not leaking into space? You will say that it’s gravity maintining all the gaseous particles in it together, but why then is it not preventing these gases from moving upwards. Why does helium defies gravity so easily? When you rely on the simple principle of density and buoyancy, it all makes sense onna non-spherical earth..gravity is not a necessity at all….and one more time, scientists can’t prove the explanation they made up There are soooo many more, but I’ll stop here and let you understand that the globe is a mathematical model that is still being built…as we make unfitting observations, scientists evolve the model by mathematically finding the right values and possibilities that would make the inaccuracy possibly fit on a globe…but they can’t prove it and most of the time their explanations are incoherent.

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