Einstein was wrong | Banjo

Einstein was wrong | Banjo

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  • Einstein was a sharp swindler. He worked stealing ideas on the patent office in Munich, because it’s the place where a copier of ideas would be. Stole the e = mc^2 theory from Maxwell and Leibniz (their book are still out there, and prior to this individual publishings). He was, unfairly, the only one allowed to post in Annals of Physics without citing the biographies and sources (even very well renowned, real scientist were forced to properly cite their sources): he was attributing almost everything he posted there to himself. Was accepted somehow as teacher of math in an university of Germany, where their students described him as a complete idiot, with inferior knowledge and less skill than his own students. There is a lot of info about this scammer protected and imposed by the system.

  • Yeah, I mean pretty much every scientists has been wrong at least once. In fact mistakes and being wrong is a core principle of science. It is pretty hard to formulate a theory or a law if you never do trial and error.

    I mean if you look at some of the most basic equations of the universe that you learn like p=mv and E=mc^2 they are usually incomplete. p actually equals γmv and E actual equals sqrt((pc)^2 +(mc^2)^2). Newton’s famous 3 laws of motion are actually based on Galileo’s 3 laws of motion which were flawed.

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