Gravity HOAX


Sometime in the near future, the truth had become far more known to the common man than it has been in a very long time, indeed, since the fall of the Tartarian Empire. More and more people were reverting to the zetetic way of understanding our world, the true way, beyond the manufactured consensus, that the earth is indeed flat, stationary, and located under a dome, the ground cupped in by the inverse; an impenetrable globule. Tests of lasers, lanterns, and lenses had spread the truth far and wide, as the parasites recoiled in fear, unable to stem the tide. This was all the while the elites plans for climate hoax lockdowns and the like we’re foiled, reducing their institutions of power ever moreso to mere laughing stocks. Their laws became pieces of mockery, and the degrees their patsies issued, as worthless as Zimbabwean currency circa 2008, hauled the wheelbarrow. Even the further reaches of pop culture, beyond their citadels and cathedrals of blackmail and control, had begun to pick up on the renaissance of the power of truth over the putrid lies of the parasites. People, right and left, were burning their masses and lampooning the transhumanist nonsense media the parasites had put forth in a last ditch effort to try to keep the plebs on their agenda. Star Trek, Years and Years, and Black Mirror, reduced to tropes of mockery. Everyone who wasn’t clinging for dear life to the sinking old order and their privileges therein, knew that they weren’t monkeys living on a ball; furthermore, they knew that consciousness wasn’t the product of dead matter and all else that the parasites had once been so successful at convincing the masses of. There was only one thing to do, as the grand finale of this mystery movie we call live, to which we’re the writers, directors, and actors within, a movie where like all others, the good guys eventually prevail, be it at once, or amid sequels. That was to raid the motherfucking dome. South from Argentina, South Africa, and Australia, there’s no way in fuck they could stop us all; not with their tranny soldiers, no way, but it would be a fight, the final drama of good prevailing over evil.

Redditor: Brilliant_Value_6619

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