Does experience count for nothing?

Was the first person to sail across an ocean the first to attempt it? Highly doubtful. Was the first person to scale mount everest the first to attempt it? Absolutely not. Was the first person to fly from London to Paris the first to attempt it? An emphatic no. Which makes it all so much more of an amazing feat that the first people to attempt the journey to the fucking MOON, got there (and back, don’t forget), with nary an issue. A journey through an environment that could not have been truly known, regardless of what ‘data’ they collected beforehand. Not only did it all go swimmingly, it did so another five times (let’s not entertain that fucking ratings-booster Apollo 13 pantomime, eh!?). No-one ever died in space. Which brings me to the post title. Why would Apollo 12 have three new astronauts on board? Wouldn’t any rational-thinking mission planner want someone with a been-there-done-that hat on, just in case it gets a little tricky? Or maybe I’m mistaken. Perhaps going to the moon’s a piece of piss.

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