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Hi I’m new so sorry if this has been asked a bunch but I couldn’t find anything on it. As a Christian I’m familiar with what the Bible says about the earth, it being flat, with a firmament above us holding back the waters and heaven being above them. I got into an argument with my friend who thinks the world is a globe like they taught him in public school. I wanted to try and convince him with the truth from the scriptures, but he’s a better speaker than I am so I don’t think I did a good job. I went online to try and find stuff to give me a better way to convince him, however on the flat earth societies website they have weird explanations like instead of the firmament there’s like a “greater ice wall” or “dark energy layer” or the “atmolayer lip” that holds in all the gases from “space”. Is the flat earth society website a joke or did I go to the wrong website? Same with that satanic new age stuff I see about other continent passed Antarctica. Where do I go for better arguments for the biblical earth?

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