2 more ways that science and logic make Globe Earth impossible


1. Magnetism can not exist beyond the Curie Temperature. When things get too hot, magnetism ceases. The molten iron core is hotter than all Curie Temperatures for all elements. This is hard science. Yet this hard science conflicts with Globe Science.

Everyone on Earth knew that magnetism comes from a magnetite mountain in the North Pole, where its cool. It is surrounded by water, keeping it cool. It was on maps, it was called Mount Olympus, Mount Meru. Some believe it was the garden of Eden (hyperborea) or Atlantis. Regardless, they passed the treaty and now people can’t explore the North Pole, convenient.

That being said, good old science states that because of the curie temperature, magneticism can not come from a hot molten iron core, or whatever, b/c its hot. It needs to be cold.

2. Craters on the moon are shaped like they all hit the moon at 90 degree angles. There is hard science that shows how impacts create different craters based on the different angles they are being hit.

It is impossible all of these meteor hit the moon at 90 degrees. Based on what they say about gravity and circling objects before impact, most of these craters would need to be at sharp angles.

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